Hole In One & Near Pin Challenge 2022

Enjoy an exciting challenge with a change to win a huge cash pot for a hole-in-one and multiple prizes for near pin challenge.

The HOLE IN ONE cash pot size will be updated every week

Event courses: will be changed every month
Swiss Montana Hole 8 (until June 30th 2022)
 Men’s: WHITE TEE - 154 Yards
 Women’s: RED TEE - 139 Yard
No mulligans, Wind: Normal,  Green speed: Normal,  Auto concede: 2m

Hole In One - until someone wins
Near Pin Challenge - Every month TOP 3 winners are announced
Note: please book enough time in order to finish 18 holes.


Bravo Online

1: Create / Register player's account at the Bravo login page before playing a game (Guest player not accepted)

2. CLICK HERE  Pay entry fee $10 which goes to the cashpot (not required for near pin challenge)
3. Play the event course of the month
4: You must finish 18 holes to be eligible for $1,000+ cash and other prizes!

Note: please book enough time in order to finish 18 holes.

You must create / register a player's account at the bravo login page
Hole-in-one MUST BE registered in our system.
We also ask you to take a picture with your phone for proof. When a Hole in one happens, you will see a special MESSAGE CARD of proof for the hole-in-one with your ID and the Hole you got!
Results will be shown on our system don’t worry if you can’t get the picture in time.
MAKE SURE you register yourself on one of our Bravo Golf Kiosk
Play a Full round of 18 on courses that apply to the tournament.
Make sure to book enough time to finish a Full round of 18!

How It Works:
No entry fee is required for Near Pin Challenge.
Entry fee $10 goes to the hole-in-one cash pot.
Your entry is valid until someone wins the Hole In One prize.
You will be required to enter again to get a chance to become the next WINNER.

Hole In One: 50% of Cash Pot ($1,000+)
Near Pin:
1st closest to the pin - Free 6 Hours of Play at Target Indoor Golf
2nd closest to the pin - Free 4 Hours of Play at Target Indoor Golf
3rd closest to the pin - Free 2 Hours of Play at Target Indoor Golf