Top 7 Golf Simulator Brands in Canada

Bravo Golf

Bravo Golf ($29,900) - Bravo Vision Dual high-speed camera sensor detects golf ball flying through three-dimensional monitoring of track and measures your shots with a high degree of accuracy of 99.99%. Bravo Golf has been in the Golf Simulator industry since 2000.

The Bravo golf simulator uses high-speed stereo cameras packaged in a single streamlined unit for all ball and clubhead detection. The overhead mounting option is ideal for permanent fixtures and allows for instant video feedback validating the data - Accurately analyze golf ball & club angle | Realistic short game & putting | No marked balls | No Shot Delay

Bravo offers simple pricing. The full package from $29,900. Bravo offers 140+ courses on their current software which is regularly updated. If someone is looking for an affordable, accurate & realistic golf simulator with a simple setup, Bravo offers great returns for the cost.

Foresight Sports

Foresight sports ($20,000+) - the GC-3 is the new launch monitor that offers terrific value for the cost. Overall accuracy is equivalent to GCQUAD and it’s perfect for a golf simulator setup. They have separated their golf hardware for residential and commercial purposes. Within its simulator, they offer four different types of software to provide different products based on customers’ needs. Foresight sports offer 8 different types of setups that range from 10k to 34k, the overall quality of the setup varies depending on the selected model. Selected premium golf courses need to be purchased

Full Swing

Full swing ($3,900 – $9,000) - This simulator features the full swing kit launch monitor that is used by Tiger Woods. Their most popular SIG10 enclosure can fit into most small spaces. They use Doppler radar and dedicated processors to measure 16 ball and club parameters, no marked ball is needed. The full swing is also portable, reliable, and durable. Their Swing Catalyst is a complete swing analysis system that allows you to improve your swing with the most accurate and comprehensive set of tools available.

The full swing simulator, balance plate data, high-definition video, and intuitive software tools are perfectly synchronized to provide a complete overview of your swing motion. The balance plate data provides the option to show your weight transfer during your swing motion. Full swing also offers a mobile application that can be connected, and information can be accessed through their application. An annual subscription gives users access to many of the features of E6 Connect.


Golfzon ($40,000 - $70,000) - Golfzon has over 3.2 million online members and over 65 million rounds are played every year. Unlike the competitors, Golfzon’s focus in this industry is to provide the most realistic experience and convenience to its customers when playing indoor golf.

They offer three different types of simulator setups to differentiate their products based on customers’ demands. It also has a ‘swing plate’ that automatically moves depending on where you are in the course. Moreover, their facilities also consist of ‘auto-tee’ to provide additional comfort to its visiting customers. The T4 sensors capture 400 frames per second at the moment of the impact. Their ‘swing plate’ can move up to 24 different positions that recreate real course contours and uneven surfaces.

HD Golf

HD Golf [35k-70k]- HD golf uses computer vision technology and a high-speed camera system to provide a detailed assessment of your swing. In addition, the system allows you to get automated swing capture at 120-240 frames per second. One of the unique features of HD golf is the HD golf pressure matt, this contains sensors that indicate key pressure points and produce a series of balance measurements including weight transfer, tempo, and center of gravity. HD golf is the only simulator manufacturer to combine satellite data, and high-resolution digital images. As a result, HD golf offers the most realistic courses worldwide all while tracking your golf game. Selected golf courses need to be purchased.


Uneekor ($11,500 – $17,000) – This company offers two simulator models: Eye XO and QED. The Uneekor Eye XO is a ceiling-mounted system that has a great review by professional golfers. It has the ability to calculate distances from 10-435 yards. The Simulation itself offers many features like short game practice, driving range, course play, stroke play, and more. With their five comprehensive training modes- it helps to improve your swing and elevate your game. Uneekor’s main focus in this market is to analyze and correct mistakes using a scientific method. SW: $1,500 ~ $3,000 extra.


Trackman ($30,000 - $46,000) – Trackman is the most known simulator in North America due to its great technological accuracy compared to other competitors. The hardware contains a dual radar system along with radar-synchronized high-speed optics camera sensors. Such specs allow getting an accurate performance analysis on club speed, attack angle, dynamic loft, club path, face angle, and more. also, Trackman offers ‘trackman golf’ on a mobile application to give more accessibility to specific data. Marked ball needed and subscription renewed every year.