You can book your time online up to 3days in advance.

The 3 days are measured from the end of "today". To take a concrete example: If the current time is Monday at 12:01 am (i.e. just after midnight), then you can create a booking for Wednesday.

You can change/cancel your booking 24 hours before your start time. Please email to targetgolfcanada [@] gmail.com for your request 


Rates strating from $18 per hour.

Click here for each location pricing

You are paying for the bay not per person.
Minimum time slot you can book is 15 minutes.  

We currently have a below discount, promotion & membership plan. 

-. Preferred Rate Membership - $5~$10 off from regular rates

-. Daily Membership

Starting as low as $34.99 every other week(Nov~Apl), $24.99 every other week(May~Oct)

Please visit our memberhsip page for details.

-. 4 hours for price of Three


TARGET Indoor Golf is operating as self-serve facility.


After the booking, you will receive two emails - Booking Confirmation and Smart Door Access. 

Find a door access email in inbox or Junk folder and click the link to access the facility. 


You can access the facility 10 mins before your tee time.


No, we do not rent clubs.

We always recommend you bring the clubs that you are familiar with to practice or play.

We always recommend that you play with your clean balls balls with no markings for better reading and prevent damaging the screens. No color balls.

Our regular simulator bays can accommodate 2-4 people. Large parties will need to book multiple bays.


We have a BRAVO golf simulator for all the locations. 

High Speed
Dual Camera Sensor

High-speed stereo cameras are packaged in a single streamlined unit for all ball and clubhead detection.

High-Speed Dual Camera System

A sensor system to the latest shooting high-speed camera detect golf ball flying through three-dimensional monitoring of track and measure your shots with a high degree of accuracy of 99.99%

Stereo Vision Technology

Our camera cognition & high-speed camera analysis technology is also utilized in self-driving cars superiority of technology

Swing Analysis

Follow the ball flight of every shot. For each shot, the distance, ball speed, club head speed, trajectory, etc. are shown.

Analyze your swing with up to two swing motion cameras. 16 split images allow for more accurate analysis. You can also upload your swing to our website.

Impact Analysis

Impact analysis lets you evaluate exactly how you are striking the ball. This allows you to easily and accurately analyze your ball striking. You can adjust your swing and see the immediate effect at the time of impact.
See immediately information relating to ball speed and spin following impact.
The beauty of the BV21 Golf Simulator is that you can analyze your clubhead path with real images all the way through the impact zone.

100+ courses to choose from

We offer over 100+ courses around the world includes; Pebble Beach, St Andrews, TPC Saw Grass, Augusta Nationals, etc.

BRAVO Golf Simulator official website

Please see the course list on our Course List Page