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The Bravo Golf app provides convenient access to various functions such as record management, number login, and swing video.

1. Register the game to your account conveniently with game number Enter the 4-digit number on the game screen screen on your smartphone to log in immediately.

2. My swing video You can see various videos of my swing in the app. Whenever there is a perfect shot, swing video is automatically captured and saved. Also, if you send the shot video from the menu to the app during a round, even if it wasn't a good shot, you can check your favourite swing in the app and share it.

3. Course Information You can check the course information currently in operation, and when a new course is added, you can know it right from the app.

4. Profile picture If you change your profile picture in the app, it will be changed to the corresponding profile picture in the game.

5. Round Record You can check the scorecard for your 9 or 18 hole records. You can check it with your own average record and various analysis records.

6. Online stroke match record Depending on your handicap, you can play 1:1 online battles at the store. The record will be saved in the round record. Records of wins and losses against opponents, round records as well as various average records You can compare.

7. Others Various functions such as competitions, event competitions, and store search are provided in the app.

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