Target Indoor Golf Doncaster
Hourly RATES

  • 7 Private Rooms
  • All bays equipped with Swing Analysis Camera and Stereo Vision Technology High Speed Sensor.
  • Multi-Surface Hitting Matts for right handed players (Fairway, Bunker, Rough).
  • Target Players Club(TPC) members get 10% off. Click here to become a member.
  • Senior Members get TPC rates before 5pm.
  • This facility is automated and no staffs are working. Please clean up after your session.
  • All Prices are subject to HST.
  • We DO NOT provide rentals. Please bring your own clubs.

Summer Rates 2022

Sunday to Thursday: 7 AM to Midnight 
Fri/Sat: 7 AM to 2 AM
91 Doncaster Ave, Thornhill, ON, L3T 1L6

Floor plan & Virtual Tour & Map