Frequently Asked Questions


How does an online booking system work?

You can book you time online up to 3 days in advance.
We offer 4 days advanced booking for our lifetime membership holders.
The days are calculated in units of 24 hours. So 4 days = 96 hours. Which means that it's a "rolling" booking window––97 hours from now, the user cannot book.
Lifetime Members also have 5% discount!

Am I paying per person for the room?

You are paying for the room not per person.
Minimum time slot you can book is 15 mins.

COVID 19 restrictions  

MAXIMUM number of people recommendation per room
ROOM 1-3: 2 people
ROOM  6:  3 People
ROOM 4, 5 & 7: 3 people.

Can I can change/cancel my booking?

You can change/cancel your booking 24 hours before your start time. Please email to targetgolfcanada [@] for your request

Contactless Facility


To protect yourself and our staffs by eliminating physical contact, TARGET Golf is in transition stages of self-serve golf simulator/driving range

How it works?

Our staff only serve first time visitors.
We will teach you how to operate our simulators so that you can do it by yourself from the 2nd visit.

Do you offer rental clubs?

Sorry, we do not offer rental clubs. You will need to bring your own club.

What is the difference between rooms?

Rooms 1 and 2 uses the floor Infrared sensors with no camera. (90% accuracy)
Rooms 3 uses camera sensors. (95% accuracy)
Dual camera sensors (room 4 to 7). (98% accuracy)

The difference is going to be huge from rooms 1,2 from rooms 3 to 7 you will get better ball flight numbers also you will be able to see the slow-motion of your club path and ball flight path.
Also rooms 4 to 7 there are 100+ Courses offer over 100 courses around the world includes; Pebble Beach, St Andrews, TPC Saw Grass, Augusta National, etc.