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High Speed
Camera Sensor System

High speed stereo cameras packaged in a single streamlined unit for all ball and club head detection.

Why real?

Stereo Vision Camera Technology
High Speed Dual Camera System
A sensor system to the latest shooting high-speed camera detect golf ball flying through three-dimensional monitoring of track and measure your shots with a high degree of accuracy of 99.99%
Stereo Vision Technology
Our camera cognition & high speed camera analysis technology is also utilized in self driving cars superiority of technology
Swing Analysis
Analyze your swing with up to two swing motion cameras. 16 split images allow for more accurate analysis. You can also upload your swing to our website.
90 courses to choose from
We offer over 90 courses around world includes;
Pebble Beach, St Andrews, TPC Saw Grass, Augusta Nationals, etc.
Simulator Comparison
We strive to provide you with unbiased information so that you can ensure that you have the right solution for your needs.
For more information & comparison, visit the each manufacturer's website of contact us so that we can help you to decide which simulator is right for your needs.

“BV21 - Indoor Golf Simulator Stereo Vision Technology”

Technological Superiority
Our Camera Cognition & High speed Camera Analysis Technology is also utilized in self driving Cars.

1) Fast Calculation
2) Accurately analyze golf ball and club
3) Simple simulator installation and maintenance

Showroom Located in Thornhill



Our Simulator difference
Excellent ventilation and protection from the elements


Stroke Play

Quick and easy setup


Driving Range, Nearest Pin, Longest Drive

Large door and vestibules


Swing Analysis

20D Silicone Coated Nylon Ripstop offers UV resistance and superior waterproofness


Remote Support
We provide remote support using TeamViewer

Six interior pockets to organise gear


Language Support;
English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Deutsche